Tenant Repair Guide

Prior to lodging a maintenance request, please take some time to refer some simple troubleshooting guide to avoid unnecessary call out.

No power supply throughout the property

  • Check with your neighbour if they have the power supply?
  • If you are the only one who doesn't has power, please follow the steps below:
    • Contact your power supplier to check if there is a fault on your street.
    • Remove all electrical appliances, then turn on all switches on your switch board.
  • If all your neighbours also do not have the power, please phone your property manager immediately.


  • It is the tenant's responsibility to replace blown light bulbs.
  • If you are unsure about what type of light to purchase, please remove the blown light and take it to the shop to match.
  • If you suspect the light fitting is broken, please swap a working light to the blown one.

No water supply throughout the property

  • Please contact Wellington City Council to check if there is a fault on your street.
  • If there is no fault on your street, please phone your property manager immediately.

Hot water cylinder

  • Every hot water cylinder has limited capacity. Continuous use of hot water may result in the finish of hot water.
  • If the hot water supply stops for no reason, please phone your property manager immediately.


  • Tenant is responsible to clean the dishwasher filter after each use. Failure to do so may result in dishwasher leaking or motor stops working.

Fridge/freezer, Washing machine, Dryer

  • If any of these appliances stops working, please swap the power supply to another power socket within the apartment.

Waste disposal unit

  • Extra care must be taken when using the waste disposal unit. Our past records show that 95% of the waste disposal related problems are caused by the users.
  • Only soft and squishy food can go down to the waste disposal drain. Never put teabags, onion skins, pumpkin seeds, or banana peel into a waste disposal.
  • If you run your disposal and hear an abnormal telltale clank, rattle or grinding noise, immediately shut it off. Those are the sounds of your disposal's parts churning around something that is not supposed to be down the drain.
  • Unplug or shut down the power, you will have to reach down into the drain and pull out whatever item has mistakenly gone down there. You can use a broom handle rather than your fingers to loosen debris and free stuck impeller. Ideally, you will use a pair of pliers or tongs to pull the offending object out. You may need a flashlight to get a really good look down inside the drain.

Kitchen/ bathroom drain blocked

  • Kitchen drain blocked: The easiest way is to buy a "Drano" from supermarket and use it to unblock the drain. Please click here to find out more information. Alternatively, you can try to use a plunger to clear easy blockages from bits and pieces.
  • Shower drain blocked: Remove hair from the shower outlet. It is a common problem with blocked showers. Most of the outlet can be unscrewed, and hair can be removed.
  • Toilet pot blocked: You can try to use a plunger to clear easy blockages from bits and pieces. There are also some chemical products you can buy from supermarket try to do the job.

Many of these maintenance can be avoided if reasonably care has been taken while living in the property. If you can't find a solution to your request, you can click the button below to lodge a maintenance request.

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